The consolidation of a process of democratic deepening need spaces in which to share experiences and promote mutual learning. In particular, it is necessary to promote channels of cooperation between the Government of Aragon and local authorities, as a strategic line of action that allows effectively sort projects and experiences designed to promote citizen participation in the construction of local public policies
In this sense, the Aragonese forum for citizen participation at the local level, created the February 1, 2011, it is an instrument of debate and reflection on local policies promoted citizen participation in the Aragonese territory. It is defined as part of meeting the Aragon regional government and local authorities for the promotion of democratic innovation and exchange of experiences in the field.
The Forum is composed of the Government of Aragon, through the Directorate General on citizen participation; the Aragonese Federation of Municipalities, Regions and Provinces; Aragon and local entities that have adopted a formal policy commitment to citizen participation. Thus, the Forum ensures openness in its composition, can join the Aragonese local authorities having expressed, by resolution of its plenary a formal commitment to citizen participation.