The Statute of autonomy of Aragon proclaimed the obligation of public authorities to promote social participation in the elaboration, implementation and evaluation of public policies, as well as individual and collective participation in the areas of civic, political, cultural and economic (article 15.3).


In this context, the General direction of citizen participation, external action and cooperation, deals with promote and coordinate spaces and processes of citizen participation in the policies of the Government of Aragon, as well as to promote projects of support and support to initiatives of the Aragonese local authorities participation.


Citizen participation processes driven by the Aragon Government, through this Department, are developed through a series of phases whose methodology is adapted to the needs demanded by the context of action:


a) phase of information, consisting of making available by the administration of how much information is understood required for the purposes of ensuring conditions for effective participation.


b) discussion phase, consisting in the use of techniques and dynamics that allow for an exchange of information, opinions and reflections on the public policy discussion.


c) phase of return, in which the administration offers a reasoned response to the main proposals and contributions in the discussion phase, evaluating their impact on public policy subject to the participation process.



What is the Portal Aragon participates?


Aragon participating web site is the Portal of the Government of Aragon for a:


  • -inform batted citizen participation initiatives in the region;
  • -facilitate the consultation of the documentation supplied to the regional and local participation processes supported by this
  • Directorate-General;
  • -develop areas of participation online in the context of the processes of participation "in motion".

Ultimately, seeks the Portal Aragon takes part constitutes an effective channel of information regarding the Aragonese initiatives of citizen participation, as well as an "open window" to the opinions, proposals and contributions citizens.



What is the Portal Aragon participates:

  • -The questions, requests for administrative information, complaints, suggestions or complaints about topics or particular procedures non-target response on this platform.
  • -This platform is space to cover the procedures for hearing or public information, who have their own procedures.



It participates in the policies of the Government of Aragon


The Government of Aragon, through this Directorate and in coordination with the different departments, seeks to promote participation on their initiatives to meet and collect the opinion of citizens, analyze these contributions and inform the decisions and conclusions. To this end, the Government of Aragon promotes processes of participation to the processing and evaluation of policies public within its competence, with face-to-face methodologies and/or participation spaces online.


  • -This participation complements and does not replace the procedures established for the preparation and approval of these measures, in particular with regard to procedures for public information, consultations, and hearing that will take place in cases where appropriate, thus leaving participation guaranteed at all levels.
  • -The results of participation instruments, both face-to-face and on-line, have no binding character, even though they involve political commitment given that received contributions will have their reasoned submission in the return phase.
  • -The answers that, in this framework, will facilitate contributions, opinions and comments from citizens, will have informational or informative character and, in any case, shall be binding or will result in a normative interpretation.

Citizens will have access to the development of the processes of citizen participation for the development and evaluation of public policies of the Government of Aragon, through the two tabs found under the title Government of Aragon in the home of this site:
-participatory processes underway: in this space the citizen can find information relating to all processes that are underway, as well as access to the spaces of participation online that allow you to send comments and contributions to each of these processes.
-participatory processes concluded: in this space the citizen can find information on the already completed processes.



Participate online


The participatory processes driven by the Government of Aragon have open spaces in this Portal so that any interested citizen, without being previously registered, to send your contributions and comments.


Contributions and comments are reviewed once received in Portal Aragon participates, and will be deleted only those ideas or comments that fail to comply with the following terms of use, which are inspired by the most strict common sense:


• To focus the debate, ideas, proposals, or citizen contributions must be framed in order to debate the process of participation by the Government of Aragon, focusing on the issue that is discussed in the Forum, survey or space for participation online. Requests citizens that, to the extent possible, be truthful and provide arguments.

• the advertising, destructive, comments that contain insults or be offensive will not have space in the Forum. In short, please respect.

• citizens must not represent or to falsely impersonate another person or organization

• is necessary to identify, through a name, email, and population. E-mail will be used to send notifications, but will not be published or used to send spam mail.

• the Government of Aragon is not responsible for the opinions and information contained in the comments, and the author is responsible for them.


Forums, surveys, or other spaces for participation online will serve to gather the contributions of citizens, in accordance with terms of use above. As will happen with the rest of participation, contributions instruments online will not binding, although the Government of Aragon will answer to all the contributions that are made, indicating which can be incorporated into the final text and what not. In the latter case, will explain the reasons justifying the non-acceptance of the corresponding contribution. Responses will be published using a memory in the Forum itself but, in the event that the volume of contributions to be manageable and when Management Center has sufficient resources, it will respond on an individual basis.



It participates in the policies of local authorities


The Government of Aragon, through this Department, supports Aragonese local organisations that have adopted a political with citizen participation. All initiatives and participatory processes driven by these local entities, with the advice of the General Directorate, are published on the Portal Aragon participates.


In the local authorities located in the upper part of the home tab, you will find different information related to citizen participation in local level Aragonese. Placing the cursor over this tab, five sub-tabs will appear:

-processes and other experiences



-Aragonese Forum


By clicking on the sub processes and other experiences, the citizen will find the relationship of local entities that have led or are promoting participatory processes with the support of the Directorate-General. Entering each local entity, we will obtain the ratio of completed initiatives underway, obtaining the information relating to these experiences. Processes underway you can open spaces for participation online with the same rules as for the open spaces for the policies of the Government of Aragon.


In addition, local icon located in the central area of the home, we will obtain the relationship of processes that are underway and, where appropriate, the possibility of sending contributions online.