The promotion of citizen participation at the local level is being developed in the context of a new legal-political framework. Promoting the active participation of citizens in public affairs has become an obligation to be met by local governments under our legal system: Recommendation 19 adopted by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on December 6, 2001 on the participation of citizens in public life at local level; Organic Law 5/2007 of 20 April on reform of the Statute of Autonomy of Aragon (Articles 15.3 and 82.1); Law 57/2003 of 16 December on measures to modernize local government; and Legislative Decree 1/2006, of 27 December, the Government of Aragon, approving the revised text of the Law of regionalization of Aragon (Article 54) shall apply.


In this context, some local authorities have approved Regulations for citizen participation in order to provide legal certainty to the matter and thus adapt to new trends regulations.


  • Local Regulations for citizen participation adopted in recent years expanded the issues addressed in the texts. Along with issues already established in previous regulation (now undergoing a renovation scheme), other items that are the result of experience and consolidation of democratic innovation policy are incorporated: Councillors for participation; planning and scheduling; training activities; management of innovative channels for participation (participatory processes, public hearings, opinion polls and participatory budgeting); or use of new technologies.
  • Behind this regulatory content is a new vision of participation, become the target of local politics, to which end is given a transversal character that can integrate citizen participation in different local areas.


The region of Middle Cinca, by resolution adopted by the Regional Council has adopted its Rules of Participation the pasado17 September 2013.


The City Council of Andorra approved the Municipal Rules for Citizen Participation in the Plenary held on February 26, 2014.


The region of Andorra-Sierra de Arcos adopted its Rules of Participation and Transparency on March 19, 2014


Soon, we will proceed to update the map of Regulations for Citizen Participation with the incorporation of the latest regulations approved.


Mapa de Aragón